Scuba Diver• If you want to become a certified Scuba Diver, you are required of signing up for lessons and courses that are designed for scuba divers. Since there are several certifying agencies out there, different levels of scuba divers can also be found. However, all of them are following for the same “guidelines”.

• Scuba divers are Entertaining for new adventure and excitement. For these reasons, they need to be constantly aware of the new world. They are after embracing this new world safely, comfortably and confidently. Scuba divers undergo the knowledge development process with the principles and concepts in making the diving experience more enjoyable and safer in the future as discussed in the classroom.

• When it comes to the skills development, they are actually confined in a water setting. New skills are taught to ensure comfort and safety underwater. They learn on and practice the said skills with the use of a step-by-step procedure. All problems that you may encounter underwater will be taught to keeping you safe and alive. Some divers will be intermixed so that they can move around. This way, they can practice on what they have learned.

• Scuba divers went through an open-water phase wherein in the learned skills may be confined in an environment. They can use them on actual scuba diving. If you think instructors are letting them of taking the adventure alone, never worry since they will be staying at your side. You will be given with enough time and support for you to become an effective and full blown scuba diver.

• The process which they need to go through is already quite demanding. They need to be familiar with various equipments. They also need to stay fit and healthy. It also requires financial commitment. They must also learn how to stay focused. They should also handle stressful situations calmly.

Scuba Diving Equipment

Many people find scuba diving as a wonderful hobby. But, this often requires great financial commitment since you have to purchase for several scuba diving gear. You will need mask and oxygen tank, tubes and mouthpiece in breathing. These are most often referred to as regulators.

Through this, you can control the sum of oxygen which you get out of the tank. When purchasing for a mask, you need to ensure that it is comfortable and tight enough. This way, it won’t allow any water inside. You also need buoyancy control device or also known as BCD. This helps people to just stay under the water using the most appropriate level. In addition, you also need to wear weight belt wherein the weight can removed. And thus, you can stay on the water.

With regard to clothing, you will need wet suit since this provides you with that great protection from things like jelly fish and coral. There are 2 basic types of wet suites: long wet suites and short wet suites. The long suites are used to cover the entire body. These also come with hood and these are also designed for “cold water diving”.

You can also make use of “booties” to keep both feet warm. With regard to short wet suites, these can be worn with or even without sleeves in warmer climates. Furthermore, fins are another important equipment of scuba diving.

When it comes to scuba diving safety gear, this includes items like sheath, knife, underwater camera, and repair kit for oxygen tank. Other valuable accessories during scuba diving include of net, gloves, and collection bag. You also need to take sunscreen, hat, towels and other useful things during a diving break.

What is Scubapro?

It was in the year of 1960’s when Scuba spro appeared in the diving world scene. This was guided by 2 men: Dick Bonin and Gustav Dalla Valle. They have brought the market numerous diving innovations that are still in use today.

Their “1964 catalog” featured everything that a diver wants. These include submarines, chambers, Recompression and regulators. Their initial version of Jet fin appeared in the year of 1965. And then, after 40 years, these fins are still famous to the military and technical divers globally.

In fact, this is one of the most scuba products copied and was also sold. Their “1966 catalog” added Automatic Decompression meter which is a forerunner to the modern diving computer.

As of today, Scubapro remains as the premier scuba diving manufacturer. They also employ more than 400 individuals in almost 17 locations. These are also spread over 13 countries and cover almost 4 continents. In any case, 1 out of 2 employees must be a professional diver.

Wetsuit Characteristics

1. Warmth: you need to choose for the appropriate thickness of scuba wetsuit. The purpose is to ensure comfort underwater. It is essential to determine the temperature of the water wherein you want to conduct a scuba diving.

2. Comfort and Fit: One of the essential factors you need to consider when buying a wet suit is the fit. It has to suit you well to avoid water from coming in. Having a well-fitted wetsuit is essential in keeping you warm all the time. The neck, arm and leg must be secured to prevent fresh water from getting inside your suit.